Ruffwear Brush Guard Harness


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  • Brush Guard™Harness - Further Faster
  • Brush Guard™Harness - Further Faster
  • Brush Guard™Harness - Further Faster
  • Brush Guard™Harness - Further Faster

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Added chest and belly protection from abrasion in the NZ bush. Adds additional support when lifting dogs over cattle grids or other obstacles on your adventure.


Ruffwear Brush Guard ™ Harness

This a great new add-on and will be perfect for helping your dog smash through good old NZ bush.

The Ruffwear Brush Guard™ is an add-on to Ruffwear harnesses, offering three distinct purposes: it provides chest and belly protection from abrasion, adds additional support when lifting and assisting dogs, and further stabilizes packs and harnesses.

The Brush Guard offers additional chest and belly protection and abrasion resistance from stubble, brambles, and rough terrain. It also disperses the weight of dogs in harness, providing additional comfort when lifted. The addition of our Brush Guard adds stability to our packs and harnesses, further minimizing shifting.

Easily attaches to the following Ruffwear harnesses and packs, using hook-and-loop sleeve attachments:

Web Master™
Web Master Pro™
Approach Pack™
Palisades Pack™
Singletrak Pack™

Size Guide

XS 43-56cms

S   56-69cms

M  69-81cms

L-XL 81-107cm 


Three-layer construction provides protection, load dispersion, and stability
Designed for additional chest and belly coverage while allowing full range of motion
Hook-and-loop sleeves for easy on and off
Designed to minimize heat retention
Nylon exterior doesn’t collect foxtails, stickers, or snow and ice

Washing instructions

Hand wash
Mild detergent
Air dry