Which Trail and Hiking Pants are best for me?

 There are a million and one types of pants out there, so to help you narrow down your search we asked the Further Faster crew what their favourite hiking and trail pants were and why.

hiking pants nz

We have everyone from runners to trampers, from climbers to alpinists, so whatever your adventure here are the pants for you.


Jen – Trail Runner

The Montane Trail Series Long Tights amazing for running. They’re super comfy with a nice high waist that doesn’t cut in too much around the waist band. They’re also warm enough for most of my winter runs without getting too hot, but if you really feel the cold there is a thermal version too. It’s nice that they’re black, they go with all my running tops and jackets.


Jen runs trails nz



Mandy – Back Country Fast Packing Missions.

The Ineo Lite pants are the comfiest pants ever! They’re great for the cold, but they don’t get too hot when the sun comes out to play. Perfect coverage for my legs when I’m running through the bushes and the pocket on the side is great for when I need to easily grab something. You could do absolutely anything in these pants, including yoga and just relaxing! 


mandy fast packing



Julz – Tramping and Winter Mountain Adventures

 I love my Terra Mission Pants, they’re warm enough for winter tramping and any mountaineering. They’re tough too, so they’re perfect for when I’m walking through the bush or running down scree slides.

A warmer alpine option is the Skyline Pants. These soft-shell pants are ideal for when the weather is getting colder and you’ll be spending sometime in the snow. They’re flexible, wind resistant, and tough. They’ve even got KEVLAR insteps to help protect your pants from your crampons!


winter mountaineering pants



Daniele –Rock Climbing & Hiking

The Terra Pants are perfect for when I’m rock climbing. They’re very durable so I don’t need to worry about them wearing out against the rock and they’re super comfortable too so I feel like I can do anything in them. If you were looking for a pair of pants like this in the women’s range, there are the Terra Ridge Pants. Being tough and comfortable they’re perfect for rock climbing, tramping and travelling.  


Terra pants nz



Jo –Trail runner who HATES the cold! 

As the coldest person in the world the Power Up Pro Pants are my saviour! Because they’re fleece, they’re warm and really comfortable, so they’re my automatic go-to all winter. The fact they’re fast drying makes washing them a breeze too.


montane running pants



Odie –Adventure Racer and Multi-sport Athlete

I’ve got the Minimus Pants as my go to waterproof overtrouser, because they’re super light-weight and waterproof, they’re perfect for mandatory gear. You can tell they’ve been designed to run in. The ankle zips are handy for putting these on over running shoes on the go too. Mine have survived two GODZone’s, including the Fiordland bush and they’re still going strong! Check out the womens version here.


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Jahna – Climbing and Winter Hiking 

I love to rock climb in comfortable tights so I practically live in the Ineo Pro Pants. They’re warm, breathable and more flexible than I am, so climbing is a breeze. They’re really nice for walking in too. When it gets colder, these my go to pants for when I’m up in the wind on the ridgeline in the mountains, but I’m not quite step plugging in the snow.


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Becky – Tramping to back country huts!

I’ve got a favourite combo actually. The Primino Long Jane (a merino base layer) with the Atomic Water proof pants are the perfect combo for hiking and walking the dog in the rain! The priminos are warm and comfortable and then I get a durable waterproof layer with the Atomics on.


Atomic pants


So, whether you’re into leggings or pants or you’re looking for waterproof pants to throw in your pack we have the pants for you. If you want to come into our Christchurch store to try on the pants, we’d love to see you. Otherwise we can ship it to you, wherever you are in New Zealand.