Holly Weston

Holly Weston running along a mountain top

Meet Holly Weston, adventurer and athlete.

'My adventurous soul started in Glenorchy, where I grew up in the heart of the mountains. There I developed a love for an adventure which translated well into adventure racing.

When I first met the Further Faster crew, I was an obsessive multi-sporter, concentrating on the likes of Coast to Coast, Spring Challenge, Godzone and everything in between. Chasing after podiums and training up a storm was the day-to-day.

Holly Weston Walking up a mountain

I am still keen on all of the above. However, my focus has shifted to hunger to explore and enjoy the outdoors with like-minded people. When not training for events, I am now more often found in the mountains on my bike or floating down the river on a pack raft.

I am a lawyer by profession and love to write in my spare time (though there is not much of that these days!). I am an avid contributor to the Further Faster newsletter and am well known for drumming up a poem instead of a race report.

Holly, Rocky, Julz and Badger. Further Faster Family

The Further Faster crew have become my first family. Much of the trail running season is spent traipsing after them to different events, cheering on the community (in a pink panther suit, of course) and having a good run around myself. The greatest part is that they don’t seem to care where I finish up in the race (although my competitive side certainly still does). We love to share a craft beer and some banter at the end either way.'

Check her out on Instagram at: @holly.weston.nz OR @furtherfasterfirebirds