The Further Faster Vertigoats.

Further Faster Vertigoats in their team kit with bikes and trailer

Meet the Further Faster Vertigoats!



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Harvey joined the Vertigoats, and the world of Adventure Racing, in 2022 as a ring-in with just three weeks notice. An attitude of having a go at any opportunity that came his way was tested to the limit in the South Island traverse through the Fiordland bush to the east coast.
Despite the lack of dedicated training, adventure race experience, and having met all the team members the day before, Harvey slotted right into the Vertigoats. Turning his mind from his day job as a Structural Engineer in Christchurch to the bearings and contour lines on the maps in front of him, Harvey became instrumental in helping keep the Vertigoats facing in the right direction and moving forward fast.
Harvey is a regular on the mountain bike and running trails in the Christchurch port hills and also enjoys skiing as many days as he can get.
Harvey aims to reach his full potential as a top-level navigator in adventure racing to ensure the team's strength and stamina are put to the best use. He can't wait to get back out there in 2023 with a full year of dedicated training (this time around) to see how well the Vertigoats can go.

Events & Results
Godzone 2022
Crater Rim Ultra Marathon
Edinborough Marathon
Peak to Pub
Craigieburn Enduro
Various trail running and road running events
Winter 6hr rogaine series
2nd WTF 2022

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The man who needs no introduction with the fastest mullet in the sport! He found his way into multi-sport after making some big life changes. He undertook the 2016 Coast to
Coast longest day as his first outing. With only five months to train and learn to kayak - this was a real challenge but not too much for our packhorse. After dominating the triathlon scene, he got introduced to adventure racing and hasn't looked back. This man doesn't seem to need sleep and only gets more energy and competitiveness as the race goes on. Make no mistake, he is in this to win with every event we race as a team a step closer to our goal. Warwick has great support from his wife Carmen, and his three kids, Tess, Sam, and Darcy. Other than Godzone - Warwick entered in races all over the show including; the Rakiura challenge and the Whaka 100 Mountain bike race.

Events & Results
Red Bull Defiance 2019 - 3rd team ( Australia)
Peak to Peak winning tandem team 2019
Coast to Coast 2019 tandem winners
Southern Lakes 24 hr 2020 2nd team
NZ Cross Tri age group champion 2020
Multiple age group wins and placings in duathlon and triathlon Note worthy finish in NZ Tri Zwift competitions.
An absolute beast on the bike

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Our captain is the toughest on the team with a level head in any situation - not much phases him and there isn't any challenge he will shy away from. He is as strong as they come - mentally and physically and with a bit of experience he is likely to become one of the most dominant racers in the sport. Growing up in Southland with a love of the outdoors, long-distance running, and having a career in agriculture, which included sheep shearing, provided him with mental focus and adaptable skills. This put Nigel in good stead when, later in life, he was looking for new challenges - which included half Ironmans, marathons, cycle races, and now adventure racing. A real family man, Nigel's wife was an asset to our team in 2020, being one of our dynamic support crew members along with his brother Craig. From afar, his three kids cheered him on as he became a bit of an internet sensation.

Events & Results
Red Bull Defiance 2019 - 3rd team (Australia)
Peak to Peak 2019 - Winning tandem team
Coast to Coast 2019 - Tandem veteran winners
South Island duathlon champion
Oxman duathlon winner
Multiple podium finishes in these trail running events:
- Mission Mt Somers
- Crater Rim Ultra
- Rakiura Challenge

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The newest member of the Vertigoats, late in 2022.
Originally from a small town in the North Island, and once a city-loving shopaholic kind of gal that disliked the outdoors. However, a three-week stint at Outward Bound in 2012 turned out to be the most pivotal moment where she found her true passion for the outdoors. It's fair to say you won't find her near a shopping mall these days (unless it's sports-related). Multi-sport racing only began about five years ago, and adventure racing more recently in the last three years. Before this, she was a national-level Gymnast and an avid CrossFit athlete before discovering the world of adventure and multi-sport racing.
Measuring in at only 5 feet, don't be fooled by the lack of height; she makes up for it in determination and grit.
Sarah’s biggest supporter is her husband Ed – who you’ll find at every race she enters, no matter how big or small.

Events & Results
Motu Challenge 2022 – 2nd Place
Southern Lakes 24hr 2022 – 2nd Team
Mission Mt Somers Multi 2022– 3rd Place
Coast to Coast Longest Day – 3rd Open Women 2022
Spring Challenge – 3rd 9hr Team 2021
Peak to Peak - Female Tandem Team winners 2019


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