Conrad Goodhew

conrad goodhew

Instagram: @conradgoodhew

Borrowed dog/best friend: Jack (GSP)

Occupation: Performance Dietitian

Favourite outdoor activities: Mountain/Trail running with jack and water sports!

Favourite indoor activities: High-intensity training and eating

Upcoming plan: Ultramarathons and all-around weapon

Bit of a backward story this one.

Some say that I am fairly new to this running thing, which I am. My background is team and individual sports where I have represented provincial age group level in Squash, Golf, and Rugby (also made the NZ University colts tour for rugby). Preseason 2014 I completely blew out my knee which required surgery and that was the season. Played one more year, then did my meniscus in 2016 which required another surgery where I pulled pin.

More recently I moved to Christchurch summer 2017/18 where I meet a group of people who did high-intensity training and some outdoor stuff too, so I gave it a go. I have always been told, ‘you will never be a runner’, but then I met jack and fell in love with running. Better yet I got to trial all my nutritional recommendations so I can have a bit more experience, in addition to knowledge. At the end of 2018, I entered my first marathon, Queenstown, and finished 3:27:16 – I vowed to never run again. However, I loved the hills, and trails are better for my body, I committed to something better.

I hope this inspires a few of you that may not be great at it but still give it a nudge, even when you’re not designed to run.

Best kit from Further Faster: La Sportiva Bushido II Trail Shoe

Personal nutrition must have: PURE Coffee Gels (I love coffee, and this is the closest thing in a packet!)

Favourite dinner night before competition: Grilled chicken thigh with Conrad’s special spices, mashed potato (lots) and streamed seasonal vegetables.

Favourite meal combo: Pizza, chips and a brown fizzy drink.


conrad goodhew