Mountain Dog Challenge


Hey there! Have you heard about the Further Faster Mountain Dog Challenge?

You get to climb to the summit of 10 different peaks in Canterbury with your very best friend (We even have Greater Wellington and Otago versions… and more to come soon!). 

There is nothing more we love than seeing adventure folks like you having great adventures and are stoked that you want to join us on this one!

Once you have finished all 10 peaks you get a FREE dog bandana to show off to all your dog buddies. There are other great things too, but I don't want to give it all away now...

Sign up now and get the deets straight to your inbox! Badger and I have done it, and so have a bunch of our mates.

You can sign up on the right to learn all about it.

See you on the summit soon,

Julz, Badger and the Further Faster Crew xx

Julz and badger

Julz and Badger enjoying an amazing inversion over the Banks Peninsula.

 Entertaining Adventures Oshy on Foggy Peak


 “It took us to places that I didn’t even know Oshy and I could go to, thanks team.” Ian and Oshy