Instagram handle @jacob_lamont_running_trails
Favourite outdoor activities – Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling and Hiking… Just being in the outdoors/mountains really.
Must do adventure in NZ – Kepler, Milford and Hump Ridge Track.

I only really started trail running/running around 2012-ish, before that I came from a martial arts background with a splash of mountain biking. When I started running I jumped right in with my first main race being an Ultra (50km race). Since then I’ve done events like Mt Oxford, Arrowsmith, Kepler, The Great Naseby Water Race and The Northburn 100 Miles plus many many more. The plan is to someday do an event longer than 100 miles and a multi-day race too. What I enjoy most about trail/ultra-running which also keeps me motivated is the amazing community behind the sport and sharing it with our running friends.

Fave piece of kit from FurtherFasterMontane Via Trail Series packs. Amazingly comfortable, they have been an essential part of all my adventures.
Fun facts – I’m of half Samoan half Scottish ancestry. Also not so may years ago you couldn’t pay me enough to run more than a couple of Kilometre’s… how times change.

Jacob lamont running NZ