Dirt Church Radio

Eugene and Matt from Dirt Church Radio

Rocky loves being on the trail and hearing people singing the Rocky & Badger Further Faster jingle to him from the best podcast around, Dirt Church Radio

There are so many peeps in the trail-running community in Aotearoa listening in, including us. 

Matty and Eugene started something cool with their podcast a few years ago and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon. They are now on SubStack AND have a Membership area with even more fantastic content and a BONUS episode of the podcast each fortnight. Bleeding heck, these guys are on fire!

Of course, you can still listen to the (still going strong) Further Faster jingle on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, too, but bonus stuff... you beauty. 

Here are some of our FAVE episodes:

There are also so many good episodes with other people we love! Who are friends of the shop/who have given a talk here, or people that have created epic running events around NZ, make sure you give the back catalogue a listen, there's some real gems in there!