The shop

This story started way, way, way up North a long time ago. 

Rocky was hitch hiking around Europe like any adventurous 16 year old. He was picked up by some unlikely folk who owned an outdoor store. They gave him a ride to the shop – and he decided to stay.

Dan was lured by the white water rapids of North America. He fell in love with not doing real work and getting paid to paddle the river… a couple of decades later and these two hairy northen men were bought  to New Zealand by their respective ladies and then some magic happened...  


Rocky (aka Martin) has spent years (guess how long - he's always in the Veteran category  at races now) buying, selling and playing with outdoor gear. Working at some iconic outdoor retailers, Hill’s in Yorkshire, The Climbers Shop in The Lake District and Mainpeak in Australia. Now he has his own shop he cant keep away from other rad stores- you will often find him selling his wares in other folks shops when he is on the road when ever he can – passionate about the gear and keen for the banter.


Dan Farber is an old school white water guide and bird loving twitcher. When he is not on the water or talking boats he is a dab hand at playing lego with his kids or taking them tramping. You will find him mainly in the shop, drinking coffee or beer (mainly on a Friday).


A big loveable rouge who has been number one since the day he was born. Entering his teenage years he is about to embark on a journey to reform school! Most of the time is he lounging on the couch up stairs in the warehouse. Otherwise he is pulling Rocky up a mountain trail or hanging at the Ski Hill base station.


jules and badger in alaska and NZ

That's me, camera shy (so you wont see many photos) but I am not shy to direct the boys in front of the camera! I spend my time trekking the Port Hills with Badger  camera in hand trying to get that epic adventure dog pic. I also answer all your questions online. You can find me in the shop now and then, because I really like it (wish I had time to be there more!) and if you are lucky it is baking day when you drop by. My fave sports are running with Badger, rogaining, mountain biking, skiing and getting to the top of a mountain. I have also done Spring Challenge and Peak to Pub a few times and cant wait to do some more!



Long Cloud Kayaks was Dans wee baby he started a few years ago but it soon outgrew its premise at the old McEweings ski shop. Rocky was running his online store and wholesale business from home, taking up the spare room, double garage and then the other room, lounge, dining room and then hallway! When Rocky came home and said Dan was interested in opening a store and warehouse together I (the wife and partner in legal crime) got pretty excited about being able to sit on the couch again!

A random drive through the city, and the empty shop was found. Loads of TLC and some good parties later and the bricks and mortar store was opened!

We specialise in quality clothing and equipment for outside adventures for you, your family and dogs.  On the mountain and on the water. 

You can visit us in person, we don't bite and neither does Badger!

57a Buchan St, Sydenham, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 9.30am-5.30pm

Saturday 10am-4pm 

Sundays and Public Holidays Closed.  

Open by appointment if you cant make it any other time.

  • As well as being available to purchase online and in our store the brands are also available through other quality New Zealand outdoor and pet retailers. See our where to buy page for more details. 
  • If you have any questions about the business or any of the products we sell please get in touch with us. We are real people who love to talk about gear... 
  • If you are a retailer interested in Stocking Montane or any of the Brands that FurtherFaster or Long Cloud Kayaks deals with please get in touch with us through the site or by giving us a ring on 027 530 5302.