Exchanges and Warranties

Please ensure your item meets our exchange & warranty policy. You can read it here. This is underpinned by the Consumer Guarantees Act.

You can find information on how to care and repair gear here, to help look after the environment, reduce your carbon foot print with less returns and ensure longevity from your kit.

We can exchange purchases made with in 10 working days.
We are a small company, so we do not have the resources to accept used gear or gear well past our 10 day return policy.
Read exchange policy start exchange here
Have a faulty item under warranty. Please lodge your warranty here for a remedy under the Consumer Guarantees Act.
Read Warranty policy Start Warranty here
Do it at home: reduce, reuse, recycle
Repair Your Gear
Need a fix? Don't want to send your gear to landfill? Check out our repair guides and reduce your carbon emissions.
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