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Dogs name: Billie
Dogs fave trail: Godley Head with a swim at Taylor’s Mistake
Favourite outdoor activities: Trail running, Mountain biking, Kayaking, Pack rafting & Tramping in the awesome New Zealand Outdoors

Must do adventure in NZ: Stewart Island Northern Circuit & Old Ghost Road (sorry just 1 was too hard!)

Things I’ve Done:
I arrived in NZ in 2002 & have been making the most of all the fabulous outdoor activities ever since. I took a couple of years out to retrain so I could set up my Fit For Life coaching business & spend more time outside sharing my passion! It all started with trail running then Coast to Coast and multisport racing but that quickly developed into the other activities that make up adventure racing & before I knew it I was participating in Godzone! I enjoy the challenges of coaching, everybody & every event is different. Along with the specific event preparation it has to be the right balance of endurance, strength & mobility. Not forgetting the importance of nutrition which is a fascinating subject with new information coming out as we discover more about our bodies & what we are putting into them! Then of course there is gear which can make a difference to how enjoyable your outdoor experience is, especially when there can be 4 seasons in one day. I was so excited the first time I entered Further Faster, finally, a shop that had all the gear in one place. I was like a dog with a new bone!

We were lucky to find Billie at Dogwatch when she was 5mths old. They do an amazing job re-homing abandoned dogs, One morning a week I go and help out with the walking and am always greeted with an array of energetic happy dogs that are so excited about walkies, there’s never a dull moment! Its hard not to come home with them all but I know that Dogwatch will find them happy forever homes in the near future.

Fave piece of kit from FurtherFaster: Montane Ultra Tour Pack
Any Fun facts: When I’m 90 I have a challenge to race up the Eiffel Tower with a nutty friend!

You can contact Karen at @fitforlifenz  or email her at  karen.fitforlifenz@gmail.com if need some great advice and training for adventures in NZ.

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