Peak to Pub

peak to pub

The Peak to Pub Race in short: An epic multisport race that can be done solo or in a team from the summit of Mt Hutt to the Pub. Ski/Board, bike, run (with optional swim too!) and finished with a beer.

This is Jacob’s  story of that time Team FurtherFaster did the Peak to Pub race…  Mt Hutt to the Blue Pub Methven. 

peak to pub

“Team FurtherFaster was made up of Dan skiing form the top of mount Hutt, then myself, riding my mountain bike down the ski field access road to tag Odie for the run back to Methven.

The day arrived with perfect weather,  Dan has a few practice runs on his skis and I take my bike to the hand off point and wait for the race to start.

And they're off...  there's been a  bit of a joke going around the shop in the weeks before the race about Dan training with the American Olympic ski team,  our competition must of found this out because soon after the start of the race he got blindsided by another competitor.  Unknown  to me as Dan marches back up the hill to find his skis, I wait as our dreams of glory melt away... I think oh no what's happened to Dan I thought he was good – like Olympic good! 

By now just about everyone in the field had tagged their team mate and were off down the road on their mountain bikes. When Dan does arrive he explains what happened as I quickly put on our race tracker and set off down the mountain on my bike... I had a really good run, the access road was dry and fast and I managed to pass heaps of people... my ride ended up quick so I was happy.

Racing into the bike finish line I see the crew Julz & Jen cheering... Odie who by now was chomping at the bit to run takes off like a bullet.  Jen and I get in the car and follow... down the road we catch Odie as he is passing runners like they are standing still. We get into Methven and see Odie run over the finish line.

As we all regroup and talk about what could have been and share war stories with others , people continue to run over the finish line happy to be done. There's a great vibe at the Peak to Pub race and why not, it's a lot of fun... it should be a must on your race to do list, solo or in a team. Even despite Dan the Olympian being taken out by a snowboarder… but the truth emerges… he was wasn’t trained by the US Ski team… they just fitted his boots!

Now to find the imaginary snowboarder that took out Dan and his great fitting boots.”

We would love to have you come join us at the Peak to Pub Race, check out there website for details and entry forms.