Hiking the Te Araroa, North to South.

Te Araroa north to south

Stephan Fairweather, not only can he tramp like a pro (if there is such a thing) he can tell a darn good tale too. Check out his book North to South, which he wrote on the back of maps of the Te Araroa each night over his 4 month journey.

The Te Araroa, have you done it? Dreaming of it? On the fence (or couch) about it?  North to South Hiking New Zealands 3000km Trail was written with you in mind. Our mate Stefan, hand wrote this by candle light (or Petzel) each night he was on the trail on the back of printed maps sent to his cache by his good wife each week. 

I have read the first couple of chapters… it is good! Funny and really descriptive.
Anyways, I have ordered a couple of copies. You should too. It is paper, it is a real book, old school you know. 
The only way to get one is to pre order directly from PledgeMe so do it now, they are literally about to be printed!

Learn more about the trail here and Stefan adventures here.




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