Trail running and your period.

PStyle on a pack in a case
Pstyle comes with an excellent storage case!


Hey ladies (and anyone else who wants to get educated!), 

We're here to talk about how to deal with Aunt Flow (your period!) and personal hygiene (down there) when you're trail running in the wild outdoors. No one should miss out on exploring nature because of period shame or a knowledge gap. 

Here are some things we think are good to know.

 Which period product is right for you? The Answer: Whatever makes you more comfortable. Here's a quick rundown of your many options. 

Pads and Tampons. 

- Used items; can be placed in a ziplock bag or container with 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda (to keep the smell away). 

- another option is to use a small bag or glove, put it on your hand and turn it inside out over the used product, and tie a knot in it, it's ready to be thrown out. 

Period Proof Underwear

- underwear containing protective layers to stop period leakage, wick away moisture, and prevent odors (can be used alone or as extra protection). 

- great for the snow when you don't want your cold hands anywhere near your lady parts. 

- you will need multiple pairs for a long trip, but in warmer weather, you can rinse and repeat one pair while wearing another - and dry the washed pair on your pack.

Menstrual Cups

- A silicone cup that you insert, it creates a seal, and the cup catches all the "bits and pieces that fall out of you."

- they came in different colours, sizes, and shapes. 

- all you need to do is empty it, rinse it and reinsert it. 

- make sure you have clean hands when inserting, 

Two people holding menstrual cups

There are many options, and they can all be interchangeably used and in any combination that gives you the most comfort - physically and mentally. 

Here are some other tips for general outdoor freshness: 

Moisture Wicking Underwear.

Fabrics like merino are breathable and pull the moisture away from your body - which helps keep infections away and keep you feeling dry. 

Toileting/The PStyle.

Nothing against the traditional squat, but sometimes there is no bush to hide behind. The PStyle is a spout attachment that allows women to pee standing up (there are many other brands and styles too). Practicing in the shower first is always a good idea!

A Note on Peeing in the wind from our male friends: Stand side to the wind. You won't end up covered in wee. 

PStyle Sitting on a Tree Branch


This blog is a condensed version of "Period Talk for Adventure Women" for the full in-depth read about Periods in the outdoors, check out Kate Woolley's blog here: Period Talk for Adventure Women – Further Faster.

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