New Ruffwear for 2016

New Ruffwear styles for 2016


For 2016 Ruffwear have pulled out the stops with some great you new designs and re-worked some models to make them even better.

New Leather Collection

The new Frisco™ leash and Frisco™collar see Ruffwear going back to using one of the oldest  outdoor materials on the market good old leather . Not just any leather though they have partnered with Pittards from the UK who specialise in creating some of the best leathers on the market have a look at the video below and learn about the process


New Griptex™ Boots

The original and still Ruffwear's best selling item the Griptex™ boot has had a colour update and design change for this season. This is the boot to use if you are running or biking with your dog. The Vibram sole unit makes this a really hard wearing shoe and the upper is made of a good quality breathable material .



Ruffwear Brush™ Guard  


This is a new add-on to the harness range which will provide extra protection to the chest and belly area  protecting from  stubble, brambles, and rough terrain. It also disperses the weight of dogs in harness, providing additional comfort when lifted. The addition of our Brush Guard adds stability to our packs and harnesses, further minimizing shifting. You can retro fit to the following  packs and harnesses 

  • Webmaster                                 
  • Webmaster Pro
  • Approach Pack
  • Palisades Pack
  • Single Track Pack                                                                                                                 

New Colours for Top Rope™ Chain Reaction™ Collars and Slackline™ Leash 



Have a look at the whole Ruffwear range here  


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