Furtherfaster Trucker Cap


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Look amazeballs this summer with the new super stylish Furtherfaster Trucker cap.


Everybody wants to look good when you are out there kicking ass in the hills. So we bring you the new Furtherfaster Trucker cap. Worn by trail-runners, paddlers, dog walkers and outdoors men and women every-wear. Some say it has magical properties we cant prove or disprove that claim but read some of the feedback below.

"Ever since I have been wearing the cap I seem to just run faster" M Walker.

"When I wear the hat my dog always come back when I call him its amazing" J Christy.

"I grew up wearing one of these I remember what its like to be a child again" D Faber.

"It enabled me to do 2 races in 1 day "O Ruegg".

Come on and join the team.


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