Mountain Dog Challenge Canterbury Info Page

Mountain Dog Challenge Canterbury

Hey you shaggy thing! Ready for some adventure with your human and to summit 10 peaks in Canterbury?📷🌼

Some are easy, some are hard. There is no time limit in how long you have to do them (Badger and I took 18 months!) 

How it works….

-Climb the summit with your dog. 

-Take a photo or video and post to your facebook and instagram accounts, using hashtags #furtherfasternz and #mountaindogchallenge.

-Tag the shop @furtherfasternz so we can share the love.

-You can also share with the Adventure Folk (and Dogs) facebook group page.

-When you have completed the 10 official peaks give us a holla and we will make sure your Dog gets their exclusive FurtherFaster Mountain Dog Challenge Bandana! Its free, they earnt it!

The Peaks – Canterbury Edition

Mt Oxford

Mt Grey

Mt Thomas

Helicopter Hill, Craigeburn

Panama Rock, Banks Peninsula 

Rabbit Hill, Korowai Torlesse Tussocklands Park, from Starvation Gully.

Mt Barossa

Foggy Peak, Torlesse Range

Mt Isobel

Coopers Knobb, Port Hills

And if you're travelling round the country, make sure check out the Wellington and Otago editions of the Mountain Dog Challenge!

The Rules

-All these peaks are Dog Friendly at time of writing (Last updated May 2020), however if you find that this has changed please let me know and respect the current guidelines.

-There may be livestock at places, make sure you follow the famers and DOC rules and use a leash at all times when required.

-Mother nature can be a total cow, so if something happens that may put you in danger, turn around and stay safe. Take a photo where/if you can and we can pretty much take that as proof of a good effort (which is good enough for us!)

-You do this at your own risk, you will need experience and the right gear. If you are unsure stay safe and build up. There is plenty of time to get it done.

-Your dog will need to be fit and old enough to do some of these peaks. Chat to us or your vet if you are unsure.

-You can find details about these hikes on the DOC website, some on our blog and other places. If is up to you to be responsible for your navigation skills and confidence in using them. Peninsula and Plains Orienteers (PAPO), Canterbury's orienteering club can be a good place to learn these skills or better yet, take a friend who knows what they are doing.

-If you decide to head up a peak with another group member, we recommend that you meet for a dog date first to make sure the dogs (and humans) get on.

Have fun, the most important part! Get out there, see some of our amazing country and even meet some more adventure folk.

Thank you so much for being a part of this, for respecting the values of our community and helping Adventure Folk be a rad place to be!📷🌼

xo Julz

Mountain Dog Challenge Canterbury

"Checking out the next adventure" Kai the snow dog.