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For more than 25 years, Montane has been providing innovative, lightweight, and breathable clothing and equipment for endurance sports and activities in some of the world’s toughest, most extreme environments. Since the company’s founding in 1993, we’ve aimed to achieve the highest standards of performance in our products at the same time as maintaining a responsible approach to our business.

We strive to produce the highest performing, longest-lasting outdoor clothing and equipment possible. Durability is a guiding principle of our design process and is why all our products are guaranteed against faults in workmanship and materials for life. Our products are made for wild and extreme environments, so we’re bound to the survival and ongoing maintenance of these places. Through our support of the European Outdoor Conservation Association, our partnership with the British Mountaineering Council, and annual donations to the Lake District’s Fix the Fells programme, we’re doing what we can to help protect the landscapes that we cherish.

From reducing the environmental impact of the materials we use to demanding the highest ethical standards in our supply chain, our journey towards sustainability is ongoing.

Where are the contemporary limits of endurance? They are in ultras. Imagine this: you've run 256 miles across the frozen Canadian Yukon. You've experienced consistent -30C and felt the low of -40C, you're cold and alone and you still have 174 miles to go to the finish line....stay focused. In July you've ran 60 miles of toughest trails in the British Lake District, some of the cruelest terrain underfoot in Europe. You've just left the warmth of a friendly checkpoint and as you step out into the cold pouring rain, peer into the darkness and contemplate the terrain ahead, you realise you have 40 miles left until the finish line. From the Montane® Yukon Arctic Ultra to the Montane® Lakeland 100, this is one of the main areas where we believe endurance is being tested to the absolute limit and where Montane® clothing thrives.

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Montane strives to produce the highest performing, longest-lasting outdoor clothing and equipment possible.  Durability is the cornerstone of our design and manufacturing philosophy.  Extending the lifetime of the product effectively diminishes the impacts associated with production by sharing them over more years and cutting down on landfill in the process.
This “built to last” policy combined with our detailed care instructions helps ensure the highest possible performance for the lifetime of our products.  We also offer encourage repairing your gear which could help extend the life of your Montane product even further.  

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Our products are made for wild and extreme environments, so we’re bound to the survival and ongoing maintenance of these places. Through our support of the European Outdoor Conservation Association, our partnership with the British Mountaineering Council, and annual donations to the Lake District’s Fix the Fells programme, we’re doing what we can to help protect the landscapes that we cherish.montane ethical trading nz

Montane is proud to work with some of the leading technical apparel and equipment factories in the industry, many of which we’ve partnered with since the very beginning. We only work with manufacturers who respect both our standards, and the rights and well-being of the people who make our products.

In October 2019 Montane became a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). The FWF is an independent, non-profit organisation that works with brands and manufacturers to improve labour conditions and worker’s rights in the global textile and apparel manufacturing industry.

We are proud to have longstanding relationships with some of the world’s leading technical apparel and equipment factories and our partnership with the FWF gives us the tools for monitoring our production sites closely and implementing a continuous improvement programme through the FWF Code of Labour Practices:

• Employment is freely chosen

• There is no discrimination in employment

• No exploitation of child labour

• Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

• Payment of a living wage

• No excessive working hours

• Safe and healthy working conditions

• Legally-binding employment relationship

For more information about the Fair Wear Foundation please visit

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We are committed to utilising the most sustainable, ethically-sourced materials and processes available. Whether that’s by incorporating recycled fabrics into our products, implementing the Responsible Down Standard across our entire down collection, or choosing to use 100% organic cotton in all our t-shirts, we’re working hard to reduce our environmental footprint without compromising on product performance.




As knowledge increases with regards to the environmental effects of plastic waste, questions have been raised about the impact of synthetic fibres shedding from textiles and clothing. Montane is committed to working with our textile suppliers and organisations such as the European Outdoor Group (EOG) to continuously monitor the situation and the viable options available, which can help to limit the impact of the products we produce.

What can you do to limit microfiber shedding?

- Invest: Higher quality materials will last longer as well as shedding fewer microfibres when washed. Montane strongly believes that committing to quality materials from reputable fabric mills allows our products to be as durable as possible, extending their lifespan and lowering their environmental impact.

- Wash Less: Only wash your kit when absolutely necessary, to reduce water consumption, limit microfibre shedding and extend the lifetime of your garment. Many of Montane’s next to skin products are treated with Polygiene, a Bluesign approved anti-odour treatment which reduces the need for regular washing whilst keeping the wearer smelling fresh!

- Catch the microfibres: Research has shown that front-loading washing machines reduce the number of microfibres shed during a wash cycle. To further reduce this consider using a GUPPYFRIEND washing bag or a Cora Ball to catch the microfibres and prevent them from contaminating waterways. 


Montane continues to work closely with our fabric suppliers to introduce the latest recycled materials to our product range where possible, helping to reduce demand on virgin fibres made from oil.  In turn, this helps reduce CO2 emissions and limit quantities of virgin fibre ending up in a landfill.

Performance and longevity are at the heart of our designs, and where these are not compromised we have integrated recycled fabrics from suppliers including PERTEX, POLARTEC, PRIMALOFT and Allied Feather and Down into our range.


Montane is deeply committed to the preservation of the environment and the humane treatment of animals. We never use down from live or molt plucked birds and only purchase down that comes as a by-product from the food industry which is also certified as non-force fed. 

We purchase all of our down from Allied Feather and Down Corp., a down specialist founded in 1987. All down procured by Allied is purchased from approved and vetted vendors, and these suppliers are fully signed up to our policies and share the same philosophical and ethical position.  

Allied are a founding member of the International Alliance for the Pro Down Initiative and a member of the International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB). For more information please visit 



Designed for the most demanding weather conditions in the world.

Constructed to work hard during tough physical conditions.
Built to cope with harsh physiology. Sweat, heat and cold.
The leading lightweight and breathable garments on the market.
Understanding the intricacies of Climbing, Mountaineering, Running and Hiking at the first stage of development.


    Demand for innovation in the pursuit of functionality and performance.
    The use and continuous search for leading performance fabrics.
    The use of the right fabric in the right way to maximise garment potential.
    Highest standards of quality and construction.
    The use of leading garment construction techniques, processes and skills.


      Extensive testing on endurance pursuits in the harshest of extreme conditions, from rain and wind swept British mountains, to the Greenland Icecap, hurricane winds in Patagonia to Cold Climb classics on Scotland's Ben Nevis.
      Laboratory testing of fabrics and components to ensure all fabrics are fit for purpose and meet Montane's exacting standards.

        Montane Manufacturing Statement

        Montane® have all our products produced in 5 factories across Europe and Asia with high quality, experienced manufacturer partners. We have one quality standard and it applies to all of our products regardless of location of manufacture. We value long term business relationships where we can get to know a manufacturer and its employees. This ensures they understand our high quality standards and we have a greater understanding of their strengths.

        Every manufacturing facility is selected for its technical ability and social responsibility practices. Each facility is regularly visited, monitored and reported on by the product team to ensure a safe and fair working environment for their employees. In order to make our position clear to our manufacturers we apply a Code of Conduct that places demands on them, and acceptance of these demands is a pre-condition for becoming a Montane® manufacturer. The code covers such issues as child labour, terms of employment, health & safety, the working environment and the prevention of cruelty to animals.    


        WHERE TO BUY?

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        South Island:

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        Coastal Sports, Kaikoura.

        Rollos, Nelson.

        Coppins, Motueka.

        Small Planet, Queenstown.

        FrontRunner, Queestown.

        Southern Adventure, Invercargill.

        Fiordland Hunting Supplies, Te Anau.

        Hunting and Fishing, Dunedin.