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Montane® has become synonymous with lightweight and breathable clothing. The first to truly push the limits of single layer mountain clothing with the Extreme Smock and then, later realising the true value of windproof clothing, creating the first super packable, windproof and breathable windshirt; The Featherlite Smock. The Featherlite was probably the most functional and innovative piece of windproof garment design since Fridtjof Nansen whilst planning the first crossing of Greenland over 100 years ago realised that the windproof-ness of garments was the secret to moving quickly and comfortably in the mountains.

The functionality of garments does not stop at clothing design. Fabric technology is critical. Over 10 years ago Montane® was one of the first clothing brands in the world to recognise the true genius of eVent® fabric. With never before seen levels of breathability, eVent® fabrics allowed Montane® to help revolutionise mountaineering and rain shell performance.

In the Terra Pant range Montane® recognised that lightweight should not necessarily mean fragile. The Terra Pants are the personification of 'tough lightweight'. A combination of Tactel that is hyper breathable yet lightweight and Cordura® for mountain robustness. The Terra Pants are tough, so tough that you can tow a car with them.

For over 18 years now Montane® has worked closely with serious mountain professionals working in hostile conditions across the globe as a proving ground for garment design. From the British Antarctic Survey to Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue, the busiest Mountain Rescue team in the UK. Professionals who demand tough credentials from their clothing equipment choose Montane®.

Endurance expeditions are critical in the development of our garment designs ensuring Montane® clothing is fit for purpose. They are our reason to be, and critical within our design processes. From unsupported ventures to the North Pole, smash and grab route attempts in Patagonia to high profile scientific work in the high Arctic, all of these help Montane® develop clothing that will withstand the harshest of conditions both physiologically and environmentally.

Where are the contemporary limits of endurance? They are in ultras. Imagine this: you've run 256 miles across the frozen Canadian Yukon. You've experienced consistent -30C and felt the low of -40C, you're cold and alone and you still have 174 miles to go to the finish line....stay focused. In July you've ran 60 miles of toughest trails in the British Lake District, some of the cruelest terrain underfoot in Europe. You've just left the warmth of a friendly checkpoint and as you step out into the cold pouring rain, peer into the darkness and contemplate the terrain ahead, you realise you have 40 miles left until the finish line. From the Montane® Yukon Arctic Ultra to the Montane® Lakeland 100, this is one of the main areas where we believe endurance is being tested to the absolute limit and where Montane® clothing thrives.

Montane Design Philosophy
Designed for the most demanding weather conditions in the world.


Fit For Purpose:

Designed for the most demanding weather conditions in the world.
Constructed to work hard during tough physical conditions.
Built to cope with harsh physiology. Sweat, heat and cold.
The leading lightweight and breathable garments on the market.
Understanding the intricacies of Climbing, Running and Hiking at the first stage of development.

High Quality Standards:

Demand for innovation in the pursuit of functionality and performance.
The use and continuous search for leading performance fabrics.
The use of the right fabric in the right way to maximise garment potential.
Highest standards of quality and construction.
The use of leading garment construction techniques, processes and skills.


Extensive testing on endurance pursuits in the harshest of extreme conditions, from rain and wind swept British mountains, to the Greenland Icecap, hurricane winds in Patagonia to Cold Climb classics on Scotland's Ben Nevis.
Laboratory testing of fabrics and components to ensure all fabrics are fit for purpose and meet Montane's exacting standards.

Montane Manufacturing Statement

Supply Chain Statement

Montane® have all our products produced in 5 factories across Europe and Asia with high quality, experienced manufacturer partners. We have one quality standard and it applies to all of our products regardless of location of manufacture. We value long term business relationships where we can get to know a manufacturer and its employees. This ensures they understand our high quality standards and we have a greater understanding of their strengths.

Every manufacturing facility is selected for its technical ability and social responsibility practices. Each facility is regularly visited, monitored and reported on by the product team to ensure a safe and fair working environment for their employees. In order to make our position clear to our manufacturers we apply a Code of Conduct that places demands on them, and acceptance of these demands is a pre-condition for becoming a Montane® manufacturer. The code covers such issues as child labour, terms of employment, health & safety, the working environment and the prevention of cruelty to animals.


MONTANE® is deeply committed to the preservation of the environment and the humane treatment of animals. We never use down from live or molt plucked birds and only purchase down that comes as a by-product from the food industry which is also certified as non-force fed.

We purchase all of our down from Allied Feather and Down Corp., a down specialist founded in 1987. All down procured by Allied is purchased from approved and vetted vendors, and these suppliers are fully signed up to our policies and share the same philosophical and ethical position.

Allied are a founding member of the International Alliance for the Pro Down Initiative and a member of the International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB). For more information please visit