Johanna Ditmer

jo ditmer

Instagram: @johannaditmer
Dog: A black Lab called Koby
Dogs fave trail: Our local mountain trail at Mt Thomas in Cantebury.
Favourite outdoor activities:
Trail running, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking… anything that means I get to go to the mountains!

Must do adventure in NZ:
The hike up to Mueller Hut! Super achievable for anyone willing to walk up a very very steep hill.. and rewarded with the most insane view of Mt Cook and the surrounding mountains!

Things I’ve Done:
Even though I’m just a spring chicken I’ve already had my fair share of awesome adventures. My love of a good trip somewhere new has led me way into the Amazon, trekking across the Andes and teaching at primary school in Malawi before exploring more of Southern Africa. Now as a design student my trips are based in NZ where I enjoy packing up the car for the weekend and heading into the mountains for a good adventure either by foot or on my bike! I’m in no way competitive but I do enjoy a good trail race/triathlon to see some amazing scenery and have a chat along the way. I’m slowly ticking off the list of races I want to compete in and there are still so many more to go! It’s safe to say I’m going to be busy for a while…
Fave piece of kit from FurtherFaster:
My La Sportiva trail running shoes and my Montane running shorts!

johanna ditmer