Womens Chat Series: Arrowsmith Training Events

FurtherFaster Presents a women’s only training series for, Arrowsmith Thee Race, with all donations going to help fund trails in the Christchurch Port Hills.

Limited spots available so make sure you register for each event separately via EventBrite.

Also... Two Lucky Participants will WIN their entry to the Arrowsmith 11km by signing up!! So bring a friend!

lake heron

These events are focused on tips and exercises for beginners just getting into trail running and not sure where to start and who are looking for other ladies who want to hit the trails too.

There are three training events, a tapering session and will finish with a camp out in the Hakatere Reserve March 29th and race day on March 30th!

February 12th, Haswell Quarry.

Febuary 26th, Mt Vernon.

March 12th, Victoria Park.

March 26th, FurtherFaster.

Arrowsmith, Thee Race is a great day out. Set in the magical Hakatare Reserved by Lake Heron. There are races ranging from 11km to 42km and even a Mountain Bike race too. All finishers get a steak sandwich. Rad.

Some fitness required, however getting stronger is what this is all about.

This is part of the Chat Series, and you come at your own risk. So please just work at your own pace and do what you are comfortable with.

Bring Water and clothing appropriate for outdoor running.

Make sure you register for each event separately via Eventbrite. Tickets are by Donation for the Summit Road Society, and are non refundable. Learn more about them here, https://www.summitroadsociety.org.nz

Learn more about The Arrowsmith, http://www.multisportevents.co.nz/arrowsmith-races-marathon-mtb-race-xidc86909.html

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