Which Dog Jacket is right for me?

Not sure what jacket you should get for your adventure buddy? We have asked some of Further Fasters friends to see what they are wearing, hopefully it will help guide you to what will work best for you.

Hi! My names Jack and I’m a young boy. I love my Quinzee Jacket as its super warm, fits my long body well and keeps we cosy on cold winter days. My Greyhound mates love this jacket too.

Quinzee ruffwear jacketThe Quinzee is great on long bodies that need some warmth. 


My names Badger, and I’m Further Faster's adventure dog, a big shaggy labradoodle and I love to go trail running! I like the Ruffwear Cloud Chaser to keep me warm and dry. Mum loves it since it covers most of my body, it also keeps me clean.

ruffwear cloud chaserBadger here is rocking his Cloud Chaser and his hiking set up. 


My names Jess and I’m a super cool looking girl and my even cooler mum takes me skiing! I use the Powder Hound jacket as it’s the perfect coat for my snowy adventures.

 ruffwear powder hound jacket

Powder Hound is great for snowy activities.

My names Bert and I’m a Chocolate Lab. I’m getting on in years now and I love snuggling up with my fleece Fernie Jacket as it keeps the chill of me when we go for our winter walks.

 ruffwear fernie jacket

The Fernie is a nice classic jacket, of the knitted fleece variety.

 Hi! My names Moxy, and I’m a Golden Retriever and I like to strut around town in the new Stumptown Jacket. Mums says it make me look almost as fashionable as her!! Plus, it keeps the rain and wind off my beautiful coat.

ruffwear stump down jacket

Looking good downtown was never so easy! Latte anyone?


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