Walk 1200KM!


To celebrate Wilderness’s Magazine 30th anniversary, we wanted to do something special. Not just for you to read, but for you to do.

Walking, hiking, tramping, fast packing... the choice is yours.

Walk1200km is a unique challenge that we hope as many Kiwis as possible will take up. Put simply, for the next 12 months, and beyond, the goal is for you to walk far as you can – whether that be 500km, 1200km or even more.

Register to join thousands of others in walking 1200km. By signing up, you’ll receive plenty of help, motivation and wisdom to keep you on track as well as have loads of opportunities to win gear from our partners.

We are stoked to be partnering with Wilderness Magazine for this challenge and hope you will join us!

We have trackers available in store, so swing by and grab one.

walk1200km tracker

You can get a tracker in the October issue of Wilderness Magazine, or in the store for FREE, as soon as they arrive!


And don't forget to sign up at Wilderness Magazine to reap all the benefits and score some prizes!


  • bronwyn

    What shops have the tracker

  • Phil

    Sounds like a plan for seeing the end of the year out well

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