Event: Transceiver search session with Further Faster and Slowskinners.

Backcountry at the beach! Transceiver search session with Further Faster and Slowskinners.

two people skinning up a snow covered mountain on skis in new zealand


As always, Further Faster is keen to support the outdoor community and is running an avalanche transceiver session which all are welcome to attend. We have snow safety kits available for hire for when you hit the hills, and for this event, we will bring the transceivers down so anyone who doesn't have one yet can use one of ours.

The snow is falling in the hills, so it is time to head down to the beach (South Brighton Surf Club is the meeting place) and run around in the dark, practising our avalanche search and transceiver skills to be ready to take it to the hills as soon as we can.

We will set up several 'search' areas where you can hone your skills and (hopefully) improve your skills and speed as you move from one to another. If you already have done a course and can use a transceiver well, feel free to start with the searches; if you have basic skills and need a quick refresher, we will have a group for that too. The format is more a group practice rather than a teaching session, so everyone will get a chance to search for (and hide) the beacon. That being said, please feel free to join even if you are new to it all, as we will get you hands-on and on the right track for learning more!

Bring your transceiver, shovel and probe, a head torch and some layers, as we will be standing around outside! Ideally, wear your ski clothing outer layer (and gloves for extra points) to feel how your system works.

When: Wednesday 15th June, 6 pm.

Where: South New Brighton Beach (meet at the South New Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club)

What: Bring your avalanche kit (transceiver, shovel and probe). Don't have one? Bring AA or AAA batteries so you can borrow one we have on loan from Further Faster, free of charge!

Cost: Free! More practice, the better for everyone in the mountains!

RSVP: To the Facebook event.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in the event, and we can answer them so all can see the answers.

Keen? You may also like 'Blizzards and Banter' – on Tuesday, 28th June. A ticketed event at Further Faster with Carter from the Cheeseman Snow Safety Team, SkinTrailBosses from SlowSkinners. A night of fun interactive activities – perfect for learning more about snow safety and meeting new people to go skinning with. It is also an excellent opportunity to support Adaptive Skiing in Canterbury, as all ticket proceeds go straight to them. Tickets for that event are here. 

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