Team FurtherFasterNZ - Jacob and Jen. An Online 'Bromance'.

Meeting folks online seems to be the done thing these days. Now,  I am not on Tinder (happily married thanks) and I don't spend much time on the 'social' channels. My wife does all that... 

I tell ya, I have been flummoxed a few times when she tells me of these new 'friends' she has made on Instagram... how do you make friends on Instagram?? I am more of pint, packet of crisps and 'how ya going' sort of a guy.

But none the less she made some more mates online and invited them along to a party... So in walk Jacob and Jen, ultra runners it turns out and ultra friendly too. 

 trail running, christchurch, new zealand, montane

Keen as mustard these two love birds are. Swapping movie nights for 80km training runs in the Port Hills. Long story short - they LOVE to run!!!


We like people like that so we asked them if they wanted to join the team (a meeting with Badger took place first to ensure the whole team 'clicked'). He licked them, a good sign.

trail running, dogs, ruffwear, christchurch, new zealandSo meet the beginnings of #teamfurtherfasternz . You are gonna see a lot more of these crazy kids. They have the Northburn100 (160km of running to you folk) and then will be recovering at the Arrowsmith (running or manning our Montane Stall... they can take their pick after 160km). Occasionally you will see me as tail end charlie on a run with them... more often you will see us at the 'Beer O'Clock Review'.

ultra running, christchurch, new zealand, running with dogs


Welcome Team!

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