Spring Challenge Winners Talk Team Work


What a great Saturday morning when team #furtherfasternz athlete Becky Clarke drops by to say hello, and brings the whole of her Winning Spring Challenge Team down for a catch up.


Winter Training Spring Challenge Womens Adventure Race 

Winter training is about fun and food... (mostly food!!)


 Rocky got talking to them about what helps make a great fun race, with team work being the main theme. Thanks AJ, Katie and Becky for sharing your insights! My fave tip was about who decides where to go if folks are not agreeing on the navigation.... 

Check out the video here to really learn some stuff to get your A game on!


Spring Challenge Winner Womens Adventure Race New Zealand

The first of many teams to cross the line. Each and every team rocked!


Massive good luck to all the teams which have entered the 2017 race here in Canterbury! And remember it is all about the food (and fun!)

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