Radar The Adventure Dog's New Boots

Meet Radar, this beauty of a dog has been tramping the trails of New Zealand for years with his mate Robert (and Mireille Hicks who took all the photos) and has found a way to tackle some of the most technical terrain around... the swing bridge!!
Rader lives in the Wairarapa. The bridge is at the Wiaohine Gorge entrance to the Tararuas, and to get to any of the tracks in this area you have to cross this wild bridge!
Keep reading to hear what happen to Radars new mate Ed, who didn't have new shoes (poor fella!)...
ruffwear boots
Radars New Ruffwear Griptrex Boots on ready to go.
on the bridge
Crossed the bridge. There is a large muddy patch at the end of the bridge which you can avoid by doing a sharp left under the support cable. That is the way Radar goes, he doesn’t want to get his good boots all muddy.
on the bridge
Its a long way down!!
so high up
And its a long way up!!
putting the boots on
Getting the boots on for the return crossing. We had done a short walk (30 minutes) on the far side so that Radar didn’t feel cheated.
dog on bridge
Trail dog, best mate, happy paws!
When we came off the bridge there was a family with the their dog “Ed”. They all started laughing when they noticed Radar was wearing boots. However Radar can cross the bridge, Ed couldn’t.
All Photos by Mireille Hicks.

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  • Hayden Ricketts

    My dog hates this bridge!! I’m definitely getting s set of these as soon as I can measure the dogs feet!

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