Puppies First Gear.

Badger Running in the snow


You just brought home your new furry adventure buddy! The cuteness is unreal - but what on earth do you need to kit out your fluffy friend? Do I need a Harness? Toys, to stop the chewing of everything!? 

Don't worry you have come to the right place; we're going to break it down for you and hopefully, by the end of this, you'll have a good knowledge base for your new puppy's gear needs (or any future furry friends). 

Collar and Leash.

First things first; your puppy is going to need something to show off his council bling (dog registration, I mean, check your local council for information about 'how to register' your puppy) or their name tag. Collars come in many different sizes, colours, and brands. Ruffwear has a lightweight and minimal gear range called "Hi & Light." This comes in six different colours, and while it's lightweight, it's ultra-strong, perfect for puppies! It also has matching leashes and harnesses. Which brings us to our next point...


Puppy Badger running towards Camera


Do I need a Harness?

It is 100% personal and dog preference. There are a lot of articles out there saying it's safer for dogs to have a harness, and others say that having a harness encourages pulling. Personally, I think there are different uses for each. Having a harness feels more secure and is harder for your pup to slip (but not impossible!) They are also really useful if your dog doesn't like cattle stops and needs a lift (some of the Ruffwear harnesses even have handles - but make sure your pup is comfortable when you're lifting them!) or they are clumsy and end up somewhere hard to get them out of! Also, they are a practical and adorable way to give your pup some personality and match their collar and leash! You can bring your puppy (or full-size dog) into Further Faster to be fitted for a harness and chat with our knowledgeable staff. (If you're still unsure, consult a vet or other dog professional). 

The best part: Toys. 

Ruffwear has a great range of treat dispensing toys with the Gnawt-a-cone and Gnawt-a-rock (designed to look like a pinecone and rock). They have an erratic bounce, the faceted surface massages gums and; they dispense treats! The Gnawt-a-cone is a good size for growing puppies; the Gnawt-a-rock is perfect for large puppies and normal-sized dogs. They also have a range of frisbee-like toys, ball toys, and pull toys - depending on what your puppy likes!


Julz and puppy badger by lake wanaka


Other things to worth considering:

Bed: The Basecamp Dog Bed is super versatile and easy to clean. It fits in cars, crates, or even just on the floor. You put it in the washing machine and dryer to clean it. Super easy!

Portable Water Bowl: This Trail Runner Bowl folds up to practically nothing, perfect if you're taking your pup on a walk with no available drinking facilities. 

And when your puppy is all grown up, we have all their adventure needs sorted! From bigger harnesses and leashes to jackets for cold weather, dog booties for big missions, and even doggy backpacks so they can carry their own food and gear when out adventuring!


Julz and Puppy Badger at the ski field


Top Five Gear recommendations for Puppies! 

1. Hi & Light Collar - Super strong and lightweight, easy to attach name tag or dog registration.

2. Hi & Light Leash - Get a perfect colour match to the collar, or chop and change for a bit of flair. 

3. Hi & Light Harness - has both a back point and a front point so you can walk your pup with ease and peace of mind. 

4. Gnawt-a-cone - super fun pinecone design, an erratic bounce and can be filled with treats! Also really easy to clean. 

5. Treats! - These are the perfect size to fit in the Gnawt-a-cone ;) (I know it's not gear, but puppies do love a treat!)

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