Mountain Marathon Gear Lists

mountain marathon goalLet’s face it, sometimes you don’t use any of the compulsory gear that is in your pack, but ask any seasoned racer or adventurer  and they will tell you; when you need it… you really need it!!

With so many races these days needing compulsory gear I decided to get together the teams picks of things they prefer to take on races with them.

 all  the gear

Dan and Jen... all the gear and ready to race!

 When it comes down to staples like waterproofs and gloves we recommend get the best you can afford. As no one wants to be stuck up a mountain in gear that just won’t cut the mustard!

Beckys race pack

Becky with her gear all packed up (she and Jo love a bit of personal shopping if you need a hand).


  •  A good fitting comfortable running pack. Our team are digging the Montane Jaws and the female fitting Montane Claw.
  • Hydration system. Depending on your pack and preference you may opt for a full 2L bladder or smaller soft flasks. I like using both, with a bladder of plain water and soft flasks filled with electrolyte concentrate that I can suck on every now and then.
  • Survival blanket, lets hope you don’t need to use it!
  • Whistle, make sure it is loud!
  • Thermal or woolen hat and gloves. You lose the most heat out of your head, so keep it warm.
  • Thermal long sleeve top and leggings. Many races are asking for 220g weight for tops. Our primino is the bomb! As a blend it works like merino but dries like synthetic.
  • Waterproof jacket – seam sealed. Get as breathable as you can afford. Our Minimus range is super light weight (140g!) and has waterproof pants too.
  • Basic first aid kit. The LifeSystems Micro is a good choice, nice, tight and packed with goodies considering its size. (The first aid kit for the oxford must contain as a minimum : adhesive strapping tape, 4 band aids, 2 gauze pads, a crepe bandage and some panadol if you are able to use it)
  • Enough food for up to 2-10 hours (depending on your race category). Go wild here!! I like Pure Gels and Ems power cookies. Dan prefers Gu’s and Pure Beetroot powder. Rocky likes vegemite and avocado sandwiches and one of mates likes cold pizza! Just make sure you train using your preferred food before the race…. Eating cold pizza and 8 hours running won’t work for most people!
  • Any medication you will need for while out on the trail eg. Inhaler, antihistamine
  •  All Marathon competitors MUST have a headlamp. No brainer. Get a good one. And have spare batteries.

Get your gear and start wearing it while out training! See you at race rego team!

race rego
Race Rego... where the fun begins!

This list is from the 2018 Oxford Odyssey requirements, if you are doing another race make sure you check your race to see what they will be checking for...

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