Montane Prism Jacket: Kayaker Taylor Weston uses and abuses!

The Montane Prism jacket is by far my most liked article of clothing for everything. I have used and abused this jacket ever since I received it.  At first I had doubts about the fabric, thinking that when I run down to the river to check flows, it might rip on the first touch of foliage. However this was not the case, the ability to be care free in more ways than one are essential. 

All to often it rains on the West Coast on New Zealand,  this is great for the river but not great for getting changed before and after kayaking. Therefore I would get changed at home wearing my kayaking thermals, shorts and dry pants underneath my Prism jacket. This would make for a comfortable drive to the river and quick to transition from dry to wet. 

Taylor Chill-Laxin after a day on the river... 


Multi-day kayaking trips are a thing and this means you need to pack smart. With limited space my jacket always comes with me.  Being Primaloft it's perfect for my camp jacket, light weight, warm and packs down small into a pillow for night (if you are so inclined). When I finish kayaking for the day I can then stay in my thermals and shoes, put the jacket on and start relaxing. 
The Prism Jacket is lasting better than his hands!
For the longest time my cellphone was a 10 inch tablet, but no problems with pockets big enough for any device. Including mine! 
When I sleep in my sleeping bag, rather than zipping it up I just wear my Prism as it's more comfortable. 
All in all the Montane Prism jacket fits perfectly into my lifestyle and I wouldn't change a thing.
Taylor knows how to slay it in the water!
Written by Taylor Weston, Kayaker and Traveller. Photos by Taylor and his mates!

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