Hiking Cascade Saddle, a photo diary.

Friends of Further Faster, Fleur Van Eyndhoven and her partner Angu Chen explored the Cascade Saddle in the beautiful Mount Aspiring National Park. This is their photo diary, to help get you inspired to explore some more yourself. Have a photo diary you would love to share? Get in touch!

Cascade saddle hike nzPhoto 1: After a night in Aspiring hut we headed off early to make the most of the daylight hours. At the river, we found the perfect place for some rock hopping as the gully filled itself with the sun.


Matukitki Valley NZ

Photo 2: After the bush line we got an incredible view of the morning mist in Matukituki valley


Best View in New Zealand

Photo 3: Taking a moment to admire the view and for a quick snap


Cascade Saddle New Zealand

Photo 4: Walking along the saddle with epic views all around. The weather could not have been any better, with warm sunshine and little to no wind. There is in fact, a stomach-churning drop over the other side of the ledge.


Dart Glacier NZ

Photo 5: Coming over the Cascade Saddle we were greeted with a fantastic view of the Dart Glacier as it spills down the mountainside.


Dart River NZ

Photo 6: We followed the Dart river which was created by the ice melt of the Dart Glacier. The geology was striking and showed the power that the glacier once had.


Cascade Saddle Hiking NZ

Photo 7: With rain clouds approaching we kept pushing on. From here on to the hut it was flat which was a relief for our tired legs and feet.


Dart River NZ

Photo 8: The views had changed opening out to grassy flats and native forest while the Dart river was always running along beside us.


Sandflies NZ

Photo 9: Just minutes from the hut we found the perfect spot for a chilly dip. Though the worst part came when we were greeted by a mass of hungry wild sand flies that had been waiting patiently for us to get out. Putting on socks and boots has never been more of a struggle!


Daleys Flat Hut, Cascade Saddle NZ

 Photo 10: After a cosy and social night in Daleys Flat Hut we headed out. The light provided unreal colours in the landscapes which had to be captured as a memento before heading out to the car.


The Dart River New Zealand

 Photo 11: The Dart river changed a lot throughout our tramp. From the deep, fast-flowing waters to a wide, braided river that meandered forward.


Thanks Fleur and Angu, cant wait to see what other adventures you get up to!

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