EVENT: Backcountry Skiing Decision Making & Unintended Consequences

Climbing on Fox Glacier on a Calm Day

Join Daniel and Malcolm for a night of open discussion about decision making in high alpine environments and their process of debriefing trips with real world examples.

They’ll talk about how shortsighted decision-making on a slope can lead to unintended consequences, the difference between perceived and actual danger and real-world examples of decision-making that led to risky scenarios.
Next, the talk will pivot towards a daily debrief that can help analyse where and when days in the mountains have gone wrong and what a good definition of success could be for a day of backcountry skiing.
Finally, Daniel and Malcolm will open up the floor for any backcountry days the audience has experienced to use as an example, with everyone getting involved and putting their spin on the end-of-day debrief.
About Malcolm and Daniel:
Malcolm is an adventure photographer specialising in human powered snow sports with a BSc in Geography.
Daniel is currently training on the NZMGA Ski pathway, with a BEng in Mechatronics. Together we spent the 2022 Winter chasing adventurous skiing in the New Zealand backcountry.
We love to share our passion for the mountains with anyone who will lend an ear or share a hut on a stormy day.


When: Thursday 13th July, 6.15 pm for a 6:30 pm start.

Where: Further Faster, 57A Buchan St, Sydenham, Christchurch.

Tickets: $15 with all ticket sales being donated to Adaptive SnowSports Canterbury.

Get your tickets here: https://events.humanitix.com/backcountry-skiing-decision-making-with-mal-and-dan


All proceeds from this event will go to TBA.

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