Coros Apex... you can forget your charger!

The Coros Apex 46mm.

Up until recent years, there have only really been two big players in the pure outdoors GPS watch market.... but then along comes Coros. How does it stack up?

First of all, I have had watches from the two other brands (they have served me well) and brought the Coros after my partner Jen, got one for her 100-mile race because of the battery life.

look at that great watch!


Being an Ultrarunner, battery life while using full GPS (35 hours with GPS, and 30 DAYS with regular use ) is what first got my interest,  along with the on-wrist heart rate monitor and insanely good price, pretty much half the price of its rivals.

I've been thrashing the Apex for some months now... Does it stack up to the big boys... well yes it does!

Some of the things I love.

  • It is small (but not too small), light and comfortable (the 42mm would be perfect for smaller wrists)
  • 100m Waterproof
  • Titanium Alloy Bezel with Sapphire glass - Just like the high priced brands
  • Built-in Barometer
  • Again 35 Hours Normal GPS!!!
  • It Syncs to the Coros App and Strava faster than any watch I've ever had!
  • You can't beat the price!
  • Accurate GPS
  • The awesome customizable watch face and in-mode data screens
  • Being able to resume an adventure, like a multi-day run or alike...

The Coros has all the regular (normally battery hungry) info a runner may want –  speed, time, pace and so on... as well as elevation gain/loss, weather (via the built-in barometer) cadence, calories, and heart rate. The App/watch can use this data to calculate your estimated fitness level including VO2Max and lactate threshold, and the efficiency of your aerobic and anaerobic training activity.

I have put this thing through some major trials... bushwhacking rogaines, epic mountain bike/cycle missions, and hard-out trail run/races. The Coros Apex has soaked it all up and still looks like new.

Coros Apex watch in box


With everything nothing is perfect.

  • Only a small point but it takes longer to find my heart rate than my other watch (most of the time this can be fixed by tightening up the strap)
  • The GPS is slightly slower to hook up, again a small point (40 seconds at the most) but I just want to get running!!
  • The dial takes a little to get used to, especially when unlocking the screen.

These are the things I found but may differ with different users.

Is summary the Apex does have notifications from your phone but doesn't have the smartwatch functions many may want like music, app interactions, and maps, etc... What it does have is value, ease of use and an amazing battery that will have you running past your competitor while they reach for their charge cable.

Coros Apex Kick A@#CO

Jacob lamont loves his apex coros watch


Written by Jacob 'Calves' Lamont, badass runner and great guy.

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