Best Waterproof Jackets in NZ

Not sure what Waterproof jacket to get? With the wetter and colder months on their way we asked the Further Faster Team what their favourite rain jackets are for their adventures in NZ.

Man and Dog in the trees

 The Adventurers 

Jo – Snow Sports and Winter Hiking

My fave jacket would have to be the Spirit Jacket by Montane.  
It’s lightweight and tough. Made from GORE-TEX, it is perfect for when it blows up a storm. The obvious bright colour keeps me nice and visible when I’m out in the hills. I love the versatility of this jacket, I take it hiking, use it for snowboarding and have tested it in some freezing conditions! Overall, it’s a fantastic shell which I love as part of my winter layering system.

tramping jacket nz


Julz – Ski Touring and Back Country Adventures

"If you’re looking for another alpine style, that’s tough, the Montane Phase XPD jacket is the one for you. It’s a tough GORE-TEX pro fabric with arm pit zips for ventilation and high pockets so they can still be accessed when you’re wearing a harness. Perfect for snow sports, mountaineering and tramping."

Woman and a Man mountaineering on the side of a mountain


Rocky - Trail Running, Hiking with the Dog and Festivals.

"The Montane Phase Lite Jacket is my go-to jacket for everything where I want to be light, fast and not weighed down by bulky fabrics."

Man wearing a rainjacket at an outdoor food festival


The Runners, Multi Sporters & Adventure Racers!

Most of our running and adventure racing athletes gave me the same answer, they all adore the Minimus Lite Jacket. Here are some pictures of them adventuring putting it to use. We have mens and womens Minimus Lite Jackets in a range of different colours. 

Sarah - Endurance Athlete

"Lived in it (Phase Lite Jacket) during Godzone. I always like the saying - there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. So, both (The Phase Lite and Minimus Lite) give me the opportunity to still go outdoors - whether it’s in a light shower or heavy rain."

Woman wearing a rain jacket and gumboots carrying a kayak

Odie – Rogaining, Adventure Racing and Coast to Coast

 “The Minimus Lite is Lightweight and breathable while being waterproof provides enough protection to keep you warm and dry while not overheating or excessively sweating. Super easy to get on while running in the wind without losing a minute!”

die running in a water proof jacket canterbury

Holly – Multi sporter and Adventure Racer

"The Minimus Lite Jacket is the only jacket I have found that I can actually wear running because I don’t like getting too hot (especially racing). It’s keeps me warm but is breathable and I usually forget I’m wearing it!"

Woman running in The Kepler Race

Jen – Ultra Runner and Compulsory Gear Addict

“The Minimus Lite is bloody awesome and got me through some rough weather, including snow, rain and wind! Pro: love the colour, had heaps of compliments. Pro: keeps me warm but I haven't gotten too hot wearing it either. Can synch in the hood, so great in the wind and rain. Cons: can't think of any at this stage!"

Woman on a mountain top in the snow


Dane – Climber and Runner

“It’s (the Minimus Lite) very light and extremely comfortable, amazing in windy conditions. The wildest place I’ve been with it is the top of Goat Pass in a storm!” 

Three people running on the top of a mountain

Want an even lighter weight jacket?!?!

If you’re looking for another lightweight running jacket that will meet the requirements of compulsory kit, there’s the brand spanking new Montane Minimus Nano Pull-On that is a spectacular 110 grams. Perfect as an emergency shell that weighs less than lunch! Not designed for everyday use.


podium pull on water proof jacket


Deciding on which waterproof jackets to get in New Zealand can be tough. We all love being outside and staying dry is important to help us go further and faster.

This guide from Christchurch's best outdoor store, Further Faster will help you decide what waterproof jacket will be best for racing, running, hiking, tramping, snow sports, mountaineering and back country adventures.

If you're the proud owner of a lovely new Waterproof layer, here's a great blog to help: How to clean your waterproof jacket.

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