8 Ways To Beat the Heat On The Trail

Damn it is hot out there!!! But still Jacob and Jen keep hitting those trails. How do they keep up the training when it is 31'+ outside? I wasn't sure so I asked! Here is what they had to say!

jacob looking hot!!Jacob looking hot hot hot!! But still out there loving those hills! (Note the slip, slop, slap, slide!)


  1. Keep hydrated. Put ice in your bladder or bottles to keep water cold and body cool.
  2. Drink a slushy (or similar) to lower your core temperature before running (cools your core in the heat for at least an hour +).
  3. Beat the heat and head out early morning and train before it gets too hot.
  4. Keep away from dark coloured clothing and make sure it's breathable. (Wear lighter coloured clothing to reflect heat/sun).
  5. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Putting cold water on you cap while out is epic.
  6. Or be old school and wear a sweat band to keep sweating dripping into your eyes!
  7. Sunblock!!! Waterproof sunscreen lasts longer when you are sweating it out in the heat. 
  8. Try to run where you can catch a breeze or run through rivers (an added bonus which will help with back country trips later on)! 

Today we ended our run near the sea and went swimming afterwards to cool down (epic!!)

running by water

Didn't swim in here... but gave me a mental cool down!

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