Banks Peninsula Adventure Race!

banks peninsula

We are super proud to be partners with Banks Peninsula Adventure Race, an exciting event run as a fundraiser for junior orienteering in Canterbury!

Join us 29th November in a mystery location, 1 hrs drive from Christchurch on the stunning Banks Peninsula!

Adventure Racing is an exciting & challenging team sport. It involves travelling on foot and by mountain bike to collect checkpoints marked on a map. The course will take teams on an exciting, cross country adventure through native bush, streams, farmland and trails.  The course will be kept secret until the day of the race and you will receive your maps before race start so you can plan your strategy and route choice.

Event Timing

The race is on the 29th of November with a race start of 7am for the 9 hour course, 9am for the 6 hour course, and 10am for the 3 hour course. The prize giving will be held after the last team in each event has finished, around 4pm for the 3 hour, and 6pm for the 6 and 9 hour events.

Team Size

You can race in a team of 3 or 4 people. So grab your mates!

Enter at the event website here:

crazy kea events

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