Athlete Profile: Penzy Dinsdale, Mountaineer

Woman in helmet staring by rock next to ice waterfall


Meet Penzy, mountaineer, skier, adventure athlete and photographer.

I'm Penzy Dinsdale, Mountaineering Ambassador for Further Faster (with a part-time gig as a doctor on the side to fund adventure). I've been adventuring since I was given a map and compass, aged six and set loose solo on an orienteering course. It could only improve from there.


three girls on a pass in the snow trekking in the Himalayas


Now I fill my time with ski touring, mountaineering and transalpine tramping adventures, although I'll give anything a go as long as it's outside! I'm also an avid photographer, which is mostly an excuse to slow down and enjoy the adventure.


woman ice climbing on ice wall

I look forward to meeting new adventure buddies out in the hills and have several exciting plans to traverse things I hope to bring to fruition over the next few years! Follow along here:


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