Athlete Profile: Sarah Jenkins, Endurance Athlete.

Woman smiling into the camera wearing a cap with mountain range in the distance.

Introducing Sarah Jenkins, Endurance Athlete.

Originally from a small town in the North Island and was once a city-loving shopaholic kind of gal that disliked the outdoors.

However, a three-week stint at Outward Bound in 2012 turned out to be the most pivotal moment where I found my true passion for the outdoors.

Woman running down a hillside with mountain views in the background

It's fair to say you won't find me near a shopping mall these days (unless it's sports-related).

Multisport racing only began about five years ago, and adventure racing more recently in the last three years. I was a national-level Gymnast and an avid CrossFit athlete before discovering the world of adventure and multisport racing.

Woman on a bicycle on the road in a race.

I may only measure in at 5 feet, don't be fooled by my lack of height; I think I make up for it in determination and Grit.

Some achievements include: 

Coast to Coast Longest Day – 3rd Open Women 2022

Spring Challenge – 3rd 9hr Team 2021

Peak to Peak - Female Tandem Team winners 2019

Sarah Jenkins is a proud member of the Further Faster Team and a member of the Further Faster Firebirds adventure racing team. (

Woman standing over her bike by a roadsign smiling at the camera.

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