Arrowsmith Mountain Trail Run, You Beauty!!

Jacob Lamont gives us the run down as to why thinks the Arrowsmith is a great race for the pro's and those mere mortals (like me) wanting an introduction the Mountain Marathon!arrowsmith

The start line isn't too shabby eh! This is Lake Heron that the 11km runners will see a lot of!

The Arrowsmith Mountain Marathon has something for everyone (even non-marathoners and bike lovers!). Take your pick from this decent choice of events:

42.2 km Highcountry Marathon 
17km Trail Run 
11km Trail Run or walk
42 km MTB race 
and a Duathlon 42km MTB ride /11Km run

 arrowsmith 2018

Bike or run you wont be disappointed.. at all!!


The Marathon starts out fast and furious on a gravel road alongside Lake Heron in the Ashburton Lakes/Arrowsmith Station area with it turning slowly uphill at first then  transitioning into a steep climb.  After the climb, you traverse on high-country farming roads with amazing mountains views followed by a descent to a flat river valley run. Here you will find a water crossing before a climb out to a final run through farmland back the start finish line.  

run run run!

You getting excited much!!


The race is a great introduction to mountain marathons with most of it on farming roads or double single track... but don't underestimate this race! There is 720 metres of climbing just in the first 11kms, however for most parts in between its very run-able. Don't forget to drink plenty of water and fuel-up wisely, also leave something in the tank for the deceiving climb out of the valley and the run (which can be very hot) through the farmland to the finish.  


There's stacks of things to see as a spectator too with lake views/walks, food, coffee, FurtherFaster gear to purchase and the constant flow of participants biking and running over the line.   

 wool shed got you last min gear -

Jacob and Jen in the woolshed, making room for that last min gear you need (the mountains are unpredictable so be prepared!)

Another fun way to do this run is too contact the Arrowsmith Station (a donation is required) and get permission to run it for fun. This is a great way to see the area you're going to race in whilst taking your time to see the sights... take your trail running friends... have a picnic. 

 finish line

Becky gets that finish line feeling with her mate... it was her mates first ever event, what a ripper to start with!

All in all The Arrowsmith is a well-run fun event with amazing views and people, and you get a nice bit of silverware to take home around your neck too... Yuss!!! So what are you waiting for?? Pick up a pack, grab some trail shoes and enter here!!


Written by Jacob "I earned these calves" Lamont.


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