Event: Adventure Racing Tips and Tricks in Store!

Excited? Nervous? Scared? Training your ass off??? 

spring challenge


Adventure Racing makes most folks feel all of those things!  This week we have Becky Clarke in store on Saturday. Bec's loves adventuring racing, but even more she loves encouraging folks to give it a try and share some stories over a sweet treat!

Becky and her team #emspowergirls won the Spring Challenge 6 hr last year and she has some good tips she is happy to share and generally just have the crack in store.

Tip number one is treat yourself for all that training!! So this Saturday we have Proseco and Brownies (from The Cake Eating Company) in store for all you ladies who drop by for a chat to tell us what training you have been up to! 

Becky Loves Brownie! We have some for you this Saturday!

We are open 10am til 4pm this Saturday (and 9.30am-5.30pm midweek) so after you have been working your ass off up in the hills drop by and say G'Day! 

On second thoughts it is going to be cold... so maybe come by before and get some gloves!! Rocky and Becky will do you a deal if you mention you a racing this year!

further faster map

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