Dog Loving Summer Fun!

Did you see the sun saying hello the other day? I am pretty sure it was summer popping around to remind us it’s on its way! We are pretty excited about summer this year; new trails to explore and loads of new adventures planned with Badger the Further Faster hound.


After some timid dips (by dips I mean getting his paws wet) in Lake Wanaka and Lake Tekapo over the winter Badger has now had his first taste of beach life. Taking a full body plunge into the white wash at Sumner Beach, he loved it! It was a reminder about how some dogs just cant get enough of the water and want to keep playing and stay in there even after their body has had enough. Some dogs are great swimmers, however many are not. But for all dogs when fatigue kicks in staying a float can be a real struggle… something no dog lover wants to see.


We have had loads of enquiries about the awesome Life Jackets for dogs, that are lucky to spend time in the water. Some out sailing, fishing, kayaking and even supping!  And to keep the water theme going check out the floating toys for some real good fun!


Summer is also time to head to the hills with out the surplus gear of skis and winter gloves (they are all packed away nicely for next year now). Did you know that you could take your dog hiking in many of New Zealand’s Forrest Parks? Being on a lead is vital to ensure our amazing native wildlife isn’t scared (or worse) by a pup that wants to play, but after hiking up a mountain top most dogs will just want to chill and admire the view too. We have been training Badger with the Ruffwear Roamer Lead. It goes around your waist so your hands are free for taking photos or tramping poles.

We are headed on our first big mountain adventure this long weekend, so keep up to date with Instagram and Facebook to see some snaps of that!




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