Minimus Range

Hi in this article we are going to explore the Minimus range of garments by Montane


The Minimus range are all designed around the principles of a super lightweight range of  garments that will protect the wearer from nasty weather with the plus side that weight is simply not a issue. The smock weighs 143grams!! for a fully waterproof taped garment thats impressive.

All the range use the same Shell fabric which is Pertex Shield +™ which is a breathable PU laminate with a Hydrostatic head of 20000mm and a MVTR rating (breathability) of 25000g/m2/24hrs. Also used on the trousers and the new Minimus Grand Tour jacket is a combination of fabrics using the Pertex Shield lite™ fabric on some of the areas like the shoulders as this offers great wear resistance more on that in detail below . Another thing which is common to the range is the use of micro seam technology which basically means narrower seams so there is more surface area that can breath on the garment.

 Lets go through the range one by one and have a look at what differs between the models .

The original Minimus Jacket .

This was the 1st jacket that Montane created in the category and was originally conceived as a jacket for trail runners that weighed very little but was fully waterproof so for runners doing longer trail events where they needed a fully taped garment this was the solution. It has gone on to be a firm favourite with anybody wanting a Super light weight shell. It features the Pertex Sheild+™ fabric and has a single chest pocket. the hood has a wired peak and 3 point adjustabilty and can fit a helmet underneath if you need to. The zip is a weather resistant YKK Aquaguard™ and it also has a internal storm flap and rain drain. it weighs 232 grams for a size med and packs down to about the size of a apple check out the picture below pointing out the tech features .

 Minimus Mountain Jacket

 The only real difference between this and the original Minimus jacket is that this has a 3 pocket design and the original has only the one pocket in the chest. So this is more of a classic style still using that super lightweight fabric but with the extra pocket this also makes a really great lightweight travel jacket.

Minimus Smock 

 .If you are a trail runner then this is the one for you weighing in at 146grams you will not know you are carrying it or wearing it. This is great for events where you need to carry a fully taped jacket and a great training jacket for winter as well so you don't have any excuses not to go out when it rains.


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