New 2015 Ruffwear gear

In our opinion Ruffwear make some of the coolest and useful gear for dogs thats in the market place today. I just want to run through with you whats new for this season.

Lets start with the Dirtbag™.

You're going away for the weekend your car boot is full of gear and that means that Pooch is going to be on the back seat  which can only mean one thing .. Oh yes mud , crud and anything else thats been dragged in by your 4 legged traveling companion . So the new Dirtbag is a nifty way of keeping your car seats nice and clean . Its made from a non-slip fabric thats durable and waterproof its also easy to fit your seatbelt points pop through easy and can be covered up when they are not needed For the full rundown check it out on the site Here .

Next up keeping with the same theme is the new Load Up vehicle restraint harness  .

A lot of thought has gone into this new harness  and a lot of testing was done by the guys independently before the Harness was released onto the market. Its as you expect really well made and comfortable for the dog to wear for extended periods of time and it can also be left on for short breaks and toilet stops during the journey. 

Next up the Haul-bag™ 

If like me you have plenty of kit bags for all your gear well here is one for your dog . The Ruffwear Haul Bag™ is a 25 ltd wide opening kit bag made from a durable polyester fabric . Its got interior and exterior pockets for keeping the kit sorted it also has a neat ID tag on the side where you can scribble down your dogs name  and feeding instructions plus other important information. It will also double as a handy Reps bag for keeping  my Ruffwear samples in when I'm on the road as well. I will be giving it a good test in the next few weeks and will write a full review on it.

The Ruffwear Quencher™ and Quencher Cinch Top™ have had a slight re-working and have some really cool new colours


These are the designed off the original ruff wear bowls  and are great multi use bowls. With the Cinch top™ you can pull it tight so if you have food in there it will stay in there when its moved around. 

Next up lets have a look at the updated colours for some of the leashes and collars. The  Just-a-Cinch™ and Knot-a- Leash™ and Knot a collar™ all have new colours 


There is also a new Leash the Knot-a-long™ which is a shorter version of the Knot-a-leash™


So there we have it a great new range of gear from Ruffwear see the full range here.







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