The all new Ruffwear Load- up vehicle restraint harness

Hi This is a Article from the Ruffwear American site explaining all about the new Load-up vehicle restraint harness

Load -Up Harness

The Ruffwear Load Up Harness is a vehicle restraint harness designed to safely transport dogs to and from adventures. Ruffwear’s Load Up Harness combines strength-rated hardware with high-quality webbing and materials to offer a strong, secure restraint for dogs traveling in vehicles.

We designed the harness with the dog’s comfort and safety in mind. The harness attaches to existing seatbelts for a universal fit, keeps dogs secure during sudden vehicle movements and minimizes driver distraction.

The Load Up Harness is easy to put on and adjust, comfortable for dogs to wear during extended travel and can be left on dogs for bathroom breaks and during rest stops.

As part of our development process, the Load Up Harness was dynamically tested at MGA Research Corp (a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration contracted test facility) under the conditions outlined in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. 

Through testing, our Product Development team was able to further refine the Load Up Harness to ensure that it provides secure restraint, while also being comfortable enough to allow your dog to sit, lay down, or just get a breath of fresh air.

Key Features Include:

All-metal, strength-rated hardware
Universal seatbelt attachment
Comfortable for extended wear and short walks during rest stops

Have a look at it on the site Here

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