The Beginnings

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do with your family. So starting a new business, moving to a new country and to a new house had the potential to be stress-ious maximus! However the people of Christchurch have been nothing but warm and friendly. The reality of what real stress is always being into perspective in Christchurch with stories of lost loved ones, lost homes and repair and rebuild nightmares. Driving around Christchurch is a yin and yang experience of half torn down buildings and fun and exciting open space projects. But it is spending time up in the Port Hills that the people we have met in Christchurch find solidarity and consistency in a rapidly changing urban landscape. It was in the Port Hills where we completed our first FutherFaster photo shoot with some eager Cantabrians who were lured with the chance to try out some of next seasons gear and the promise of slow roasted pork afterwards. It was a really fun day out and made Christchurch really start to feel like home with friends that became family.


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