Why She Adventures LIVE October 16th

why she adventures chat series

LIVE In Store Wednesday 16 October 2019 

Hear inspiring stories of everyday kiwi women getting out doing extraordinary things in the outdoors. Whether she’s conquering mountains, valleys, oceans or her own limiting beliefs it’s fair to say…. she’s a force of nature.


Join us at Christchurch’s iconic outdoor gear store FurtherFaster for an evening on epic conversation with three incredibly inspiring everyday women getting out there and challenging themselves to find the edges of their comfort zone through Ultra Marathons and other rad adventures

We’re super to have on our panel:

Hear their stories of events they have raced, which include

  • Marathon des Sables – 260km unsupported through the Sahara Desert, Morocco
  • Jungle Ultra – 230km unsupported through the Amazon Jungle, Peruwhat
  • The Great Naseby Water Race, 50, 100 and miler (thats 160km!!)
  • Northburn 50, 100 and miler 
  • Krayzie ks st Orton Bradley Park 50km

Find out what it took to mentally and physically prepare, the challenges they faced both before and during their races and how they overcame them.

This event is not just for those already doing ultra marathons, or those that aspire to do one… this event is for all adventure women here in Christchurch that want to connect with other rad women, and to be inspired by every day women challenging themselves to get out there and do some cool shit.

Limited to only 40 women, you’re gonna wanna grab your ticket quickly before we sell out.

We’ll also be donating a portion of the profit to a charity of choice from the panel, so when you book your spot today, you’ll be helping to support some worthy causes.

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About us!

Meet your hosts Senka Radonich creator of Adventure Girls and presenter of the Adventure Girls Online Interview Series ‘Why She Adventures’ and Julz Walker, co-owner and co-founder of Further Faster, NZ's premier adventure store.

julz and senka

Julz and Senka trying to nail the perfect selfie... its a work in progress!

About Senka...

Hands down, I have an obsession with the outdoors and getting more women there.

Over a decade ago I quit working for the corporates and became a serial entrepreneur and co-launched my first business and never looked back (ok, maybe once or twice if I’m being totally honest).

I’ve helped my share of women find their sense of adventure along the way, and for the most part of it, I’ve had a tonne of fun.

Seeing a person’s face light up in that moment they move into seeing something is possible for them… that’s gold!

I’m no stranger to failure or set backs though. I’ve been married and divorced, struggled with my weight and self esteem, and built a property potrfolio and then lost everything in the property market crash.

From these lessons and a sh*t load more I have learned first-hand how to overcome anxiety, low self-esteem and that inner critic to get myself back into a place of being totally ok with who I am.

I now use those lessons, my love for getting our and trying new thing, woven together with my skills as an NLP Master Practitioner to have fun with women like you that are ready to have more fun and adventure in your lives… can I get a HELL YEAH!

So come join the fun… can’t wait to see you out there!

senka radonich

Senka, resident adventure laughter expert.

About Julz... 

Since my first solo adventure to Alaska when I was 18 years old, I have been helping outdoor lovers, thrill seekers and dogs of all shapes and sizes get out into the great outdoors.

I am so  passionate about getting women into the outdoors, into business and leadership roles. Another passion is sustainability in the workplace, which I am forever grateful to others for helping us continually improve our practices.

I am co-founder and co-owner of Further Faster, New Zealand’s premier independent outdoor adventure importer, distributor and retailer, if I do say so myself! Having worked in the outdoor industry on and off for 20 years it was a natural progression for us to start our own company, and I haven’t one regret.

As well as finding time for adventures in the mountains with my friends, our loyal customers and Badger (my even more loyal dog), I somehow also find time to give back to the community by working part time for the emergency services.

  Julz Walker

Julz and Badger, always up for some good times with Mother Nature.