Taylor Weston


Instagram: @taylorwweston
Dogs name: Mac (Family dog but whenever I am home he is mine 😀)
Fave trails: He is too scared to run along side my bike, but he pops up every now and then when I kayaking and mountain biking.
Fave outdoor adventures: Kayak, float, swim or look into one of the many deep gorges of on one of the many rivers throughout NZ. Crystal clear water, steep tall cliff walls and lush rain forest just to cap it all off.

About me: I kayak, tall waterfalls, big rapids and steep creeks. It is my dream to do it all over the world, thus far I have kayaked all over NZ, British Colombia, California, Washington and Idaho. This year I hope to travel back overseas venturing to Quebec, Norway, Argentina, Chile and India along with more time spent in places already travelled. The West Coast of NZ will always be, above all, my favourite area. Stunning gorges, crystal clear water (that you can drink), many classic rapids and home to many good friends.

Fave bit of kit from FurtherFaster: Montane Prism Jacket. By far!!
Fun fact: Mountain Biking hurts way too much therefore I kayak.

taylor weston