Jahna Miller

Jahna climbing in new zealand

Instagram handle @adventure_jahna

Favourite outdoor activities – Rock Climbing, Mountain Climbing, Skiing, Tramping. "I’m mountain woman through and through." 

Must do adventure in NZ – Climbing in Takaka, Wanaka and Flock Hill. Tramping in Arthur’s Pass, the views are phenomenal.

jahna and sky 

I grew up spending most weekends in the Southern Alps on one adventure or another with my papa. I seem to have inherited the madness for the mountains too. I love the challenge of rock climbing or pushing myself up and up and up to the top of a mountain and then relish in the views with a well-earned chocolate bar (or three). Coming back from injury and having struggled with severe depression has made me realise just how much I appreciate getting into the mountains and just doing something. I’ve got my eye on NW ridge of Mount Aspiring next year, who knows what adventures I’ll get into along the way?


Fav piece of kit from Further FasterPetzl Luna harness, it’s so comfortable and meets my every climbing need, not to mention the funky purple colour.


Fun facts – I have perfected the art of cooking mulled wine on the billy, tramping with me has its perks