Lifesystems Light and Dry Survival Bag


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Lifesystems Light and Dry Survival Bag a great piece of survival kit for all your outdoor activities from tramping to adventure racing, throw it in your pack and go!   


Super light and packs up tiny 

The Light and Dry Survival Bivi Bag from Lifesystems is a survival bivi that will retain 90% of your radiated body heat. This is ideal for any situation where body temperature may drop. The Lifesystems Light and Dry thermal bag is lighter than the standard Thermal Bivy Bag so ideal for ultralight backpacking and adventure racing.

This handy thermal sheet gives you plenty of length to create a hood for extra warmth and is lightweight and compact. It is waterproof, windproof, highly visible and radar reflective.

This comes in a small stuffsack which is bright orange so is easy to find in amongst your gear. When you have used this, it can be folded up and used again.


Technical Stats

Packed size: 10 x 7 x 7cm

Unpacked size: 90 x 210cm

Weight: 205g