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  • Aarn Water Wizard | NZ | Aarn Hiking Pack Accessories
  • Aarn Water Wizard | NZ | Aarn Hiking Pack Accessories
  • Aarn Water Wizard | NZ | Aarn Hiking Pack Accessories

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Aarn Water Wizard

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Aarn Water Wizard is a all in one solution to  keep you and your Aarn Pack Dry.



The Aarn Water Wizard is a all in one solution to keeping yourself and your Aarn pack dry while on the trails. Designed by Aarn and field tested extensively before it came on the market this is the best solution if you want to cover yourself and your pack.

Full Features

1. WaterWizard provides total protection from rain, snow and wind for both you, your shorts, and your Aarn Bodypack.

2. WaterWizard replaces both your rain parka and your pack cover. The large size weighs around 400 gms, the small about 370 gms. A parka that is long enough to cover your shorts plus a pack cover can't match that weight.

3. WaterWizard is placed on the pack as a pack-cover at first and the jacket section is pulled out and put on as needed without removing your pack.

4. WaterWizard is not underneath your backpack's shoulder straps, sternum strap or hip belt, so air can circulate freely under WaterWizard. The large pit zips and the front zip can now function efficiently to give outstanding ventilation, unmatched by conventional garments. Adjustment of the zips allows excellent management of body temperature while hiking. You no longer have to choose between getting wet from sweat or wet from rain when hiking in foul weather.

5. WaterWizard is a one piece, pack cover-parka combination, so rain cannot run down between your pack and your back, and seep into your pack.

6. WaterWizard protects your shoulder straps and hip belt from the rain. You no longer have to endure cold wet pack straps the morning after a rainy day.

7. WaterWizard has arms that are cut long to allow outstanding freedom of movement. The hood will also follow head movement easily while maintaining good vision, and it can be cinched up closely leaving just a slit for the eyes in driving rain, sleet or snow.

8. WaterWizard allows you can partially undo the front zip to access gear in the front Balance Pockets. By facing away from the rain, you can access contents without water entry. What other garment and carrying system allows this?

9. WaterWizard is highly versatile. If using your pack without the Balance Pockets, the pocket covers on the garment fold and snap flat against your chest to prevent flapping in the wind. The pack cover has a series of snaps allowing you to reduce the volume foe smaller packs. The pack cover can also be snapped flat against your back so you can use the garment by itself - useful when you are setting up camp in the rain with the pack off.

10. WaterWizard now has side zips running from the armpit to the bottom of the garment. This allows you to remove your bodypack without taking the garment off- very handy if you need to remove your tent from the pack in the rain. If needed, this feature also allows you to put the garment on after you have put on your bodypack.

This feature overcomes the major disadvantage of the first generation garments - that you had to take the garment off to access your packs contents. It takes a little dexterity and practice to master the sequence needed to achieve this. See Notes to learn the sequence.

11. WaterWizard available in 2 sizes to match the backlength of your pack to the backlength of your Aarn pack. The sleeve closures and drawstrings allow you to cinch WaterWizard to your size. The pack cover drawstring and different snap up options allow WaterWizard to be adjusted to fit the full range of pack sizes, from our largest down to daypack size.

12. WaterWizard folds into its own mesh pocket for storage or for use as a pillow.

How To Fit

How to take your pack off to access your tent in the rain keeping WaterWizard on.

A. Open one side of the garment by pulling the bottom zip slider of the side zip up to the top under your armpit .

B. Pull your arm out of its sleeve inside the garment

C. Undo the chest straps and hipbelt of your bodypack and slip this side's shoulder strap off your shoulder. Now slip the bottom of the pack cover out from under the pack.

D. Replace your arm in the garment sleeve and pull the zip slider down to the bottom of the garment to close this side.

E. Now repeat steps A,B & C on the other side of your garment . Your bodypack can now slide fully to the ground.

F. Replace your arm in the garment sleeve then close this side to provide full weather protection by pulling the lowest zip slider back down to the bottom of the garment.

WaterWizard does not allow you to attach gear to the outside of the pack. So it is best to pack all your gear inside the pack and the Balance Pockets. If you need to carry items on the outside, then snap the Balance pockets and pack covers flat and use Water Wizard as a conventional jacket, with your pack on top. (You will notice how much quicker you steam up!)

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